Baranof Expeditions

Baranof Expeditions LLC provides fair-chase hunts for Brown Bear, Island Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Sitka-Blacktail Deer and Wolf in Southeast Alaska.

Baranof Expeditions is owned and operated by Bert Stromquist (Alaska Registered Guide #1260). Bert has lived and hunted in Sitka since 1986.

Baranof Expeditions conducts hunts on the Tongass National Forest in accordance with a USFS special-use permit. Our Brown Bear and Mountain Goat hunts take place on Baranof Island, many times within the South Baranof Wilderness Area. Island Black Bear and wolf hunts take place on Kuiu Island, in and around the Tebenkof Wilderness Area. Due to the remoteness of the area, seldom do we encounter other hunters in the field.

Bayside Charters

Started in 1991, Bayside Charters has 25 years' of experience operating sportfishing charters on the waters surrounding Sitka, AK.

Sitka Sound opens directly onto the North Pacific and provides world-class fishing for all five species of Pacific Salmon, as well as Halibut, Lingcod and various species of Rockfish.