Mountain Goat

Mountain Goats were introduced onto Baranof Island in the mid-1900’s. They were well-suited to the terrain and the population expanded. Today, Baranof Island has a goat population of right around 1200 animals. We choose to hunt these Mountain Goats late-season. November and early December bring on the rutting period for our Mountain Goats and Sitka Deer. Their behavior at this time, along with snow at higher elevations, tends to bring the Goats lower on the mountain. With careful glassing from the shore and/or valley floor, it is often possible to locate a trophy Billy where a stalk can be made. Shots exceeding 200 yards are the norm.

At this time of year the hair on the Goats is long and dense. With long beards, pantaloons and 8” hair, a more impressive trophy is hard to come by. This is one of the least physically demanding goat hunt you will find. If you can walk up an incline, you can participate in this hunt. Many of our clients are in their 60’s and 70’s. It goes without saying, of course, the better your physical conditioning the better your odds of connecting. Our success rate on late-season Mountain Goat hunts is 75%. Sitka Deer can be taken on this hunt at no extra cost.

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