Shiras Brown Bear

In Southeast Alaska, Coastal Brown Bear inhabit the ABC Island group. This group is comprised of Admiralty, Baranof, Chichagof Islands and the myriad of small islands surrounding them. Although there is a mainland population of Brown Bear in Southeast, the density of Brown Bear on the ABC’s is the highest in the world. The density of Brown Bear in many drainages of South Baranof Island (the area we hunt) exceed one per square mile. Many of the mature boars in our area are exceedingly dark in color, some are jet black. These are the SHIRAS color-phase Coastal Brown Bears. There is no greater trophy than a mature SHIRAS Brown Bear. We target mature boars that have hides squaring an HONEST 8 ½’ and skulls measuring at least 24”. Our average harvested Brown Bear squares 8’ 8” (HONEST).

Spring Brown Bear hunts consist of hours of glassing. Glassing is done from the main vessel, the hunting skiffs, and vantage points on shore. Once a trophy bear is sighted, the stalk begins. A large portion of the stalk is conducted with the use of a skiff. The final portion of the stalk is done on foot. Success rate is over 85% with near 100% opportunity. This hunt does not require a high level of physical fitness. Hunters of any age and physical conditioning can participate in this hunt.

Fall Brown Bear hunts occur on the many streams and rivers on South Baranof. Due to the large salmon runs, the Brown Bear are concentrated on, or near, the streams. The preferred method for hunting Fall Brown Bear is still-hunting the streams and rivers. There is nothing more exciting than working slowly around a corner and coming face to face with a Bear. Shots of 40 yards, or less, are not uncommon. Fall Brown Bear success rates mirror those of our spring hunts, running 85% with near 100% opportunity. Fall hunts are slightly more strenuous than our Spring Hunts.

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